Vero Beach
West Palm Beach

March 11th

Check out the rig at the little oceanside park nextdoor to the UDT Seal Museum in Vero Beach.

A beach pic directly behind the UDT Seal Museum.

Sissy outside the museum front door.

One of the many marinas in West Palm Beach.

Palm trees with coconuts.

Can you believe it? We finally got an early start headed to West Palm Beach, Florida. We were packed up, hooked up and checking out before 0900. A top off of one of the propane tanks and we were on our way southbound on I95. About a mile and a half down the road John noticed the brake switch light was not on for the trailer. That meant NO BRAKES and probably NO LIGHTS either on the trailer. There is something to say about checking your lights before you hit the road. Well anyway, a short pit stop and the cord was plugged in all the way!

The weather was great while driving south but the traffic s..ked! When it was time to pull of and head toward the ocean John took advantage. We headed to Vero Beach to visit the UDT Seal Museum which we had planned to do. There was a small oceanside park next door so we ate lunch, took a few pics and then went inside the museum. I guess they knew we were coming, and that we had just wasted bunches of bucks at the Kennedy Space Center, so they only charged us $4.00 each. The entrance fee was well worth it! This is a museum everyone should visit to see exactly what our Special Forces actually did and do. There were exhibits from World War II to the present and volunteers (former UDT and Seal folks) provide a very nice narration.

Inside the UDT Seal Museum.

After the Vero Beach visit, we headed back onto I95 southbound again toward West Palm Beach. We looked up the campground information and got off exit 50. Traffic was terrible and construction was everywhere; we thought we were back home. All of a sudden, as John was trying to negotiate the rig through traffic, Sissy started laughing uncontrollably. A thought entered her mind as it usually does for no reason; she was still laughing about John falling off the picnic table at the last campground we were at. Go figure! Anyway, about a half hour later we arrived at the Lion Country Safari KOA in Loxahatchee and parked the rig. Shortly thereafter, we unloaded the bike and eastbound we were to West Palm Beach and the rich folks' homes. The trip was beautiful and we took plenty of pics.

Sissy got cold riding the bike in 80 degree weather so she had to put her jeans on.

The sky looked like it was clouding up and we even got a sprinkle before embarking with the bike. Sissy wore here jean jacket and brought her jean pants in the saddle bag. John was a REAL MAN and only wore a tank top and jeans. He also froze his ass off coming back to the campground after the ride. The sun was going down and it was clouding up real good. No rain though.

More palm trees with the cloudy sky behind.

Sissy cooked dinner (Japanese tomato beef with rice) and we settled in for the night. John updated the web site and photos, and Sissy recorded the days events in her log. An early night was had because we only spent one night here; the next 2 or 3 days will be in Sugar Loaf Key just north of Key West.

West Palm Beach Marina.

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 9
  • People - 9
  • Roads - 5
  • Scenery - 9
  • Traffic - 6
  • Things to Do - 7
  • Weather - 10

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