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April 10th - 13th

John wearing his DOT approved Arizona motorcycle helmet.

John getting ready to go AVT 4-wheeling in the desert for the 1st time.

Sissy is an old pro at this thing. Just think - she didn't even get injured until we were leaving and stepped in the cattle break at the gate. One try, two tries and finally she was able to remove her foot. "I hope John didn't see that!" Wrong!

Sissy was having too much fun on that thing!

John - 55mph down the road - Sissy took the pic from Cindy's van. Notice the beard flopping in the wind. This pic is for Kenny! Sissy refused to stand in the roadway while John rode toward her doing 70mph.

Friday morning it was up at the crack of dawn. John had to bring the truck to the Ford dealer for servicing (2nd one so far on the trip - 8,000 miles), and Sissy had to get a haircut (John got his the day before.) Plans were to take John and Dan's 4-wheel ATV's to the desert and have some fun. Jerry was working (as usual), so Cindy, Sissy and the kids rode in the van while John took the Harley and followed behind. He wanted to get some road time in with his brand new Arizona Motorcycle Helmet (remember the palm leaf sombrero?)

To the desert we went after dropping the truck off and Sissy getting her haircut. It was just a short distance from town (about 20 miles) where the locals, and members of the ATV club, have their own track. There was an actual X-games track and also trails where ATV's could be ridden. We were surprised the track was even open because there was a race scheduled for Sunday, and the track is usually being prepared a day or two day before.

John enjoying himself in the warm breeze of Sierra Vista, Arizona.

The kids were the first to kick up the dust and warm up the toys. Then it was time for John to really show us how it was done. With his ATV riding gear on, John took the first turn OK, but at the top of the first hill the darn thing stalled out! John blamed it on the machine, but we all know he really had no clue how to ride the thing. Then it was time to get it started again. The foot crank worked backwards and John's foot slipped 4 times striking his shin (the bruise and swelling didn't really appear until later.) Ice packs anyone?

Sissy taking off down the ATV track. Notice the determination!

Sissy took to the track like a natural (everyone knows she's a tom boy), and she did rather well. Up and down hills and around the corners she went kicking up dust the entire way. She was even able to get air (come off the ground) on several hills. Do you think she was trying to one-up John?

After taking the 2nd ATV on the trails adjacent to the track for a while, John had had enough so he took a break and ate a sandwich. Sissy, Cindy and the kids took turns for the remainder of the afternoon before the construction crew showed up to prepare the track for the upcoming race. Then it was time to leave. John decided to ride Sissy to the Ford dealer on the Harley and pick up the truck, so we left first. Exiting the ATV track got real exciting. Sissy hopped off the bike to open the gate while John pulled forward. In his rear view mirror, he watched Sissy closing the gate and stepping in the cattle guard (a series of pipes crossing the road about 4 inches apart. You guessed it; Sissy's foot went between the pipes and down she went trying to hold onto the gate as it came back toward her. Every time she tried to pull her foot out onto firm ground, down inside another hole it went. She looked like a poor little puppy, but she was more concerned with John not seeing her do it. Too late! The moment had been discovered, and John was not about to let this one slide. Web site material at its best.

Dan catching some air!

The servicing of the truck was complete at the Ford dealer and it was a shock to discover they had even washed it. The bath was scheduled for Saturday, but no need to do it now. After checking out the work, it was time for Sissy to drive the truck for the first time. Seat adjusted, pedals adjusted, seat belt on, fingers crossed? Yup, John was a little concerned about Sissy driving, but actually she did great. She didn't even hit any curbs with the rear dually wheels.

John catching some air! That's Jerry's John and not Sissy's John!

We all needed showers before going out to dinner with Jerry, Cindy and the kids. They took us to "My Place" where we all had great food. Better yet, Jerry paid for it! Then it was time for some relaxing on the patio, viewing pics of the ATV event and hitting the sack. The next morning John planned to wash to scoot, but most of Saturday was up in the air.

After washing the scoot and relaxing a bit, Jerry suggested we head out of town to Patagonia Lake and the State Park. John decided to drive, so off we went west through the mountains and to the lake. The drive was gorgeous and we took plenty of pics. The park was packed, but we were able to get some pics and walk around enjoying the sites.

Back home, we were treated to some ice cream at Stone Cold Ice Cream Parlor. Jerry, Cindy, the kids and us piled into the Jerry's van and to the parlor it was. What a real treat that was; Dairy Queen it was not! The clerks take your order, scoop out your choice of ice cream and then mix in anything you want on a cold stone (shaped like a cutting board). Sissy got a medium German Chocolate cone with all kinds of goodies mixed in. John got the same kind and size, but his was in a bowl instead. He hates getting food on his mustache and beard. Neither of us could finish the entire treat.

We had seen everything we wanted to around Sierra Vista after Saturday, and we wanted to just spend some time at the homestead, so that's exactly what we did.

As you know, we've decided to create 2 web pages for our time in Sierra Vista to include more larger pics for you to view and to narrate both days of our sightseeing. Click here to visit page 1.

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