San Simeon, California
Morro Bay, California

July 25th

Traffic congestion on Highway 101 in Los Angeles

Pacific Ocean waves at Morro Bay

´Surfer Dudes´ walking to the beach from the coast highway (Route 1)

Sissy stirring the pot again at our campsite in San Simeon State Park

John just put the steaks on the grill after starting the fire

Richard had given us driving directions out of Los Angeles which included getting on I5 to Hollywood and then taking Highway 101 northbound. We followed his directions to the letter and had no problem finding the exit because traffic was bumper to bumper all the way and we were traveling about zero miles per hour the entire way. We´d decided to bypass the coast along the Santa Monica Mountains and simply drive right through them. After driving through Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande, we took a left at San Luis Obispo and headed north on Highway 1 (the coast highway).

Both Highway 101 and 1 were beautiful. While on 101 we drove past many ranches and wineries, and on 1 we drove through many small towns along the coast. Stopping for lunch near Sol a vang was enjoyable, but we got back on the highway after downing ham and cheese sandwiches.

A friend of Sissy´s that she about walked up on. He was perched in the rocks at Morro Bay on the Pacific Ocean side

Bill & Janet (Hesperia) told us to make sure we went to Morro Bay, so that´s exactly what we did. We drove right out to the big rock in the ocean and captured pics of the ocean, birds, beach and even para-gliders taking off from the sand dunes. The campgrounds were full to capacity there so we had to head north again.

We drove along the coast stopping periodically for pics and simply to enjoy the scenery. One stop we made was interesting because some ´surfer dudes´ parked their car and walked down a heavily traveled path to the ocean. It must have been at least a half mile hike with boards, wax and wet suits in hand. Yup, I said wet suits because the wind was kicking, the air was about 69 degrees and we´re sure the ocean wasn´t much warmer. Quite a difference from Las Vegas!

Para-gliders taking off from the dunes at Morro

Up the coast we went until we saw a sign that said San Simeon State Park 1/2 mile. Pulling in, we got depressed because their welcome sign said FULL. We pulled up to the gate anyway and spoke with Jeff the park ranger. He said there were about 10 spots left, so we took one of their ´dry camping´ sites. We were excited because we could finally ´rough-it´ after many moons staying in full-hookup campgrounds. Yeah, right!

John backed the rig into the site and got the trailer level with Sissy´s help. Then it was decision time whether to unhook the trailer and take the bike out. John decided we weren´t going to do either because we were only staying one night before heading north again to San Francisco. Sissy was already inside the trailer when John opened the door wanting to get in. Whelp, that´s when the fireworks started.

Sissy informed John we had run out of cigarettes! Crisis was at hand. John said we had 3 left and promptly put them into his pocket for safe keeping. Sissy wanted to unhook the truck and go to the store, but John said NO, NO and NO again. Sissy then informed John that he didn´t want to be inside the trailer with her without any cigarettes, and it was now time for bed so she could go to sleep and forget about smoking. The domestic was brewing, but you know the end to this story, don´t you?

Sissy roasting marsh mellows for making ´smores´

Whelp, after unhooking the truck, it was out of the park and back 2 miles to Cambria for cigarettes and other essentials like marsh mellows, graham crackers, Hershey bars, coke and milk. Yup, Sissy wanted ´smores´ because she´d never had them before and it was a perfect time since she was happy again - she had her cigarettes!!! A happy Sissy is a happy John. When she´s happy he get´s just about anything he wants ... EXCEPT SEX!

Our campfire at San Simeon State Park

After returning from the store, John started a campfire in the fire pit and put on some steaks Sissy had thawed out in the microwave (had to use the generator on that one). Dinner was great, and then it was time for roasting marsh mellows and making smores. Sissy was in 7th heaven! She had cigarettes, she had smores, she had a full belly and she didn´t have to give John sex (that time of the month). Go figure!

The next morning it was up bright and early for a trip north on the Coast Highway. We had plenty of fuel, plenty of cigarettes and all the time in the world. Jerry and Diane (a couple we´d met that morning from Hesperia, California) told us it would take us forever because the road was up and downhill and windy all the way to San Francisco. Oh well!

But, before our departure we had to take showers and get dressed, do the dishes and clean the kitchen area up ... not necessarily in that order. Whelp, you guessed it! Sissy took her shower and then proceeded to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Of course, she thought we were still at a full-hookup campground. When it was time for John to brush his teeth and shave around the edges of his beard, all went fine. It even went fine when he got wet in the shower and started to shampoo his hair and beard. And then everything went south. Yup, the water ran out and was spitting at him. If he could´ve got the shampoo out of his eyes and his hands around Sissy´s neck, he would´ve. But, you know John ... he´s a nice guy (remember the trip to Cambria)?

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 9
  • People - 10
  • Roads - 8
  • Scenery - 10
  • Traffic - 9
  • Things to Do - 9
  • Weather - 9

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