San Diego, California

July 21st - 22nd

Sissy showing off her stuff (John´s Bike) with Mission Bay in the background

Pacific Beach complete with pier and seaweed

Birds relaxing in the San Diego Zoo

John parked at the Yacht Club in Mission Bay

Gary, Kammy, Sissy & Betty

John´s 96 year old great-aunt, Rachael

Sunday morning didn´t start very well at all. After waking up and drinking a couple cups of coffee it was time to turn the truck around and hook up the trailer. Well, when John went to unlock the truck using the automatic key, it didn´t open. John thought, no problem - just replace the battery and it´ll work again. Then, after putting the key in the ignition and discovering the truck battery was DEAD, it was time to figure out what went wrong. A brand new truck shouldn´t have a dead battery! Whelp, John had left the 12 volt cooler plugged in for a day and a half. HIS FAULT THIS TIME!

John took the trailer battery out and tried to jump the truck without success. Then, it was into the house to see if Bill was awake yet. Nope! After a short period, John saw Bill walking down the stairs and told him what the problem was. Bill saved the day by getting his battery charger out and hooking it up. Not long thereafter the truck was charged, we hooked up and were off to Denny´s for breakfast. After Denny´s and fueling the truck, it was DOWN THE HILL to San Diego.

The beach at Campland on the Bay complete with tourist toys ready to rent

They call it DOWN THE HILL because it´s downhill most of the way after going through Cojon Pass. Traffic was moderate and the road SUCKED. John thought he was on I10 just outside of New Orleans again. Well, driving through the fog was OK, but we really would´ve liked to get some pics - Oh well! Then, it was onto Campland on the Bay in Mission Bay - San Diego. All of our friends told us we wouldn´t get in because they were usually packed. But, we called ahead after hitting I5, and were able to get a site without a problem. The place was beautiful. We even met another couple (J.R. and Tina from Las Vegas) not 30 minutes after unhooking the trailer and hopping on the bike for a quick spin inside the park. J.R. is a Parole Officer for the Nevada Department of Public Safety and Tina is a 911 Dispatcher in Henderson, Nevada.

After our spin, it was time for making some calls, taking showers and then getting dressed for dinner. Sissy´s friends (Gary and Betty) lived in Poway and had invited us to join them at their home. We took the truck because traffic was still a little heavy and we didn´t know exactly how far it was. Whelp, Betty´s directions were perfect because we made it without too many u-turns. Sissy hadn´t seen Gary and Betty (Kyrra´s parents) since 1984, and they looked great. We all socialized a little, ate dinner with them and their son (Karry) and then socialized some more when their daughter (Kammy - Kam for short) arrived.

Pacific Ocean Lifeguard/Marine Patrol - Based out of Mission Beach

Our 2nd day in San Diego was chocked full of some fun things to do. First it was up bright and early for a bike ride to Mission Beach just down the street from the campground. We arrived and drove along the strip for a while then hunted for a place to park. Past the meter reader, down the side streets and alleyways we went. Then, finally we located a spot right next to the boardwalk so John parked the bike and we went walking a little. Sissy went down to the ocean but didn´t test the water as it was a little overcast and chilly - go figure. We snapped a few pics and then headed for breakfast at the High Tide Cafe just around the corner on foot. The food was great and the servings were huge. We were surprised considering the all male staff dressed in tee´s, shorts and sandals.

Next, it was riding south along the ocean through Pacific and Mission beaches toward the point (south). We stopped at Mission Bay Park (a FREE city park on both sides of the strip) and snapped some more pics. John even spotted either a seal or sea lion cruising the inlet but it submerged before getting a good pic. Then, it was time to head back to the campground and get the truck. We´d planned on visiting the San Diego Zoo before dinner.

Before heading out, J.R. told us the campground sold discount tickets to the zoo so that´s what we did. Then it was south on I5 to get there. Traffic was a little heavy but we made it without a problem in about 30 minutes. Parking at the zoo was very bad because of the tourists - we had to park at the very end! Our day at the zoo included 2 rides on Skyfari, a narrated bus tour (John hates to walk) and several rides on the express buses. We saw allot, but the larger animals were seeking shelter out of the sun most of the day so we didn´t get to see everything. Whelp, maybe another trip.

A cute mammal on display in the San Diego Zoo

On the way back to the campground, we decided to stop by and see John´s 96 year old great-aunt, Rachael. She lived in a condo just outside the gate to the zoo. After meeting us at the front door, Rachael invited us inside her home and we chatted for a while and took some pics. John´s mom had given us Rachael´s information, and is really going to like the pics we took after we print them out for her.

We arrived at the campground about 1800 and confirmed with J.R. and Tina that dinner was still a go for about 1930. We took quick showers, got dressed and watched the black and whites, along with the rescue squad, respond to a domestic in a tent just around the corner from our trailer. Then it was off to Bully´s in La Jolla with J.R. and his family. We had a nice ride along the ocean northbound before arriving at Bully´s, and parking was a breeze directly across the street. We opted for the prime rib which was cooked to perfection.

John said he wanted a long neck so Sissy snapped this pic. I think John meant something different

Our last evening in San Diego was topped off with a fireworks display from across Mission Bay at Sea World. Lasting about 15 minutes, it was great. The clear sky, cool temperatures and almost full moon were very relaxing while absorbing the show and scenery in the background. We said our good-byes to J.R. and Tina after socializing outside their trailer for a bit, then it was back to ours for a good night sleep before heading out in the morning toward Los Angeles.

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 10
  • People - 10
  • Roads - 8
  • Scenery - 9
  • Traffic - 8
  • Things to Do - 10
  • Weather - 10

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