San Antonio, Texas

April 1st - 2nd

Sante Fe Railroad Engine on display at St. Paul Square/Sunset Station.

View from atop the Tower of the Americas.

The Alamo.

John standing in front of a waterfall adjacent to the Tower of the Americas.

Flowers in blume - waterfall - Tower of the Americas.

Our friend Kenny (John's barber) told us to go to San Antonio and visit the Riverwalk! Boy, was he right! The Riverwalk, located in downtown, was absolutely beautiful especially with the good weather we had; sunny, clear sky, 85 degrees.

But, before telling you about the Riverwalk, let me narrate our arrival and evening before. We left Dallas early under cloudy skies and 64 degrees. We were harassed by our neighbors (Dennis and Denise) while hooking up but they were just kidding. They were heading to Louisiana and then to Georgia and we were headed south. Traffic was nice and the roads were marked very well.

As we headed south through Waco and Austin, the sun came out and the temperature began rising until it reached about 82 on our arrival. We located a very nice campground (Admiralty RV Resort) on the west side adjacent to Sea World. It had paved roads, concrete pads, a heated swimming pool and an adult only Jacuzzi. Yup, that's right! Unhooking the trailer and on the bike we went around the park and to the pool. The water was 84 degrees which made the outside air feel cold. No worries, we met Kel (from Germany) and her hubby Sam (from South Carolina) at the pool and joined them in the Jacuzzi after dark. A few brewsky's later it was time to head home for dinner, a little trailer rocking and nighty-night!

This is one flat building - not really! The building is shaped like a triangle and this view (taken from the riverboat ride) is an optical illusion.

The next morning, we headed out on the bike to San Antonio with directions from the campground personnel. The trip only took about 25 minutes and it was interstate all the way. Once in downtown, we took a wrong turn and ended up at St. Paul Square/Sunset Station, but that was OK because we took pics of some very pretty buildings and railroad cars. Then it was to the Alamo! We located an Alamo Ranger who guided us to a nearby parking lot who's attendant promised to keep an eye on the bike for the day. And, she did!

Sissy spotted a U.S. Post Office across the street so she went and mailed a diskette to Johnny for uploading. She returned a short time later (after setting off the metal detector inside) and we went walking around the Alamo. It was nice, but we soon found ourselves on a Street Car heading around town for pics. The Street Cars are $.50 each, and you can ride them all day because they provide Transfers to those that ask for them. We asked for allot!

San Antonio River Walk scenery.

After the Street Car ride it was time for a walk at the Riverwalk. John had to call Kenny and rub it in (of course) because Kenny really wanted to be there with us. A quick break for lunch in the mall and it was time for a riverboat ride and tour. They had about 6 boats working at the time and the wait was not long at all. We got the tour, some comedy from the skipper, some great pics and all of our money's worth. Then it was back on a Street Car to the Tower of the Americas for some more pics from the Observation Deck. We got on the elevator first (as per Kenny's instructions) and were able to see through the glass wall all the way up (and down).

We recommend San Antonio to anyone wanting to take a vacation in Texas. Everything here was great, not too expensive and the people are all friendly. A few homeless here but they are to be expected since its a big city, but all-n-all not bad at all. The roads were even great; smooth, well marked, no traffic congestion, et cetera.

John chatting with the Information Officer - there were several there simply to help out the tourists.

Well anyway, a 25 minute trip back to home base we went. What surprised John was we found it with only one wrong turn (Sissy left the map in the women's bathroom back at the Riverwalk). Then it was time for a quick dinner, downloading of the pics, watching some TV (cable was free at the campground) and laundry while we splashed around in the pool and Jacuzzi again.

Sissy chatting with an Alamo Ranger - security for the Alamo.

The next morning we headed out with a slight change of plans. Originally, we were headed to Fort Stockton, but changed our minds and headed to Bracketville for a day stop and Comstock for the night. The reason for this change is narrated in the Bracketville/Comstock page.

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 10
  • People - 10
  • Roads - 10
  • Scenery - 10
  • Traffic - 9
  • Things to Do - 10
  • Weather - 10

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