Sallisaw, Oklahoma

April 28th

The largest cross in the Northern Hemisphere.

Red hills enroute to Sallisaw, Oklahoma. I think these were actually in Texas.

Sissy's 1st fish caught in a pond at the Sallisaw KOA.

Sissy's 2nd fish caught in a pond at the Sallisaw KOA.

Sissy's 3rd fish caught in a pond at the Sallisaw KOA.

The drive from Amarillo, Texas was better than the past couple days (the wind was not as bad). The scenery began to green up and we began to get into some rolling hills instead of desert and mountains.

While driving through Clinton, Oklahoma we spotted Jigg's Place (the little restaurant we had lunch at before) but it was closed (Sunday). We continued on through Oklahoma City and stopped at a truck stop for lunch. There was a nice restaurant there with a buffet that was delicious. We continued on until we reached Sallisaw, Oklahoma and the Gold rated KOA. And, the rating was well deserved; the owners were nice and Sissy got to go fishing again.

Before we even set up camp, Sissy was back inside the office wanting to know about the fishing. Did she have her priorities in order, or what? John took the bike and rode to the local Wal-Mart for groceries while Sissy got her pole and headed for the privately owned fishing pond. Before he could return, Sissy had already caught 3 fish. She took pics of them, but John wasn't there to take a pic of her and the fish (it was a catch and release pond). Of course, no more fish were caught after John's return!

After dinner and a few minutes watching television, it was into the sack. We were both exhausted from the drive. Next morning it was eastbound again.

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 10
  • People - 10
  • Roads - 7
  • Scenery - 8
  • Traffic - 8
  • Things to Do - 7
  • Weather - 10

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