Planning a vacation for a weekend, two weeks or even a four-month adventure like ours can be a long and tedious experience.  Despite this, advanced planning is a MUST if you want yours to be rewarding and almost problem free.  Minor setbacks will certainly occur when you least expect them while traveling, but you can avoid many major problems with advanced research.  There are, of course, circumstances beyond your control that planning cannot solve (there were two deaths in our family during our adventure), but if you remain flexible they can be addressed as well.


The Internet was a very useful resource for us while planning our adventure.  Using the search engine at Excite, we were able to browse web sites for planning our route, identifying places to visit, avoiding pitfalls and purchasing discount camping memberships.  We also used the Internet while traveling for updating our personal web site, sending/receiving email messages and even paying our monthly bills.  Many of the links we used while researching are listed to the right of this page.  To use them, you must be connected to the Internet first.  


Our original goals were to travel throughout the United States and Canada, take our time, ride our Harley Davidson, visit several friends/relatives and avoid snow in the Rocky Mountains.  Due to family emergencies, we were unable to travel into Canada, but we did accomplish each of our other goals and more.  We attribute this to the flexibility we built into our plans.


We used MapQuest for planning our route and calculating mileage, several other links for locating National Parks, State Parks, private campgrounds and for identifying places to visit along the way.  Remember, to use these yourself, you must be connected to the Internet first.