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March 27th - 29th

Front entrance to the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma.

John and Sissy taking a break and posing for the camera.

A replica of a Route 66 diner complete with front glass and a vehicle parked outside.

Local cattle on the way to Jigg's Place. I wonder if they're going to be lunch!

Deer in the campground a short distance from our campsite.

We were spoiled on Thursday riding the bike all day and enjoying the beautiful weather. Friday morning was a little different; cooler and windy all day. But, we had planned to take the truck to Clinton, Oklahoma anyway so it didn't matter. After packing up our things, we headed out toward Clinton.

The purpose of our excursion to the west of Oklahoma City was to visit one of the two Route 66 museums in Oklahoma. The closest one was in Clinton about 70 miles away. When tourists like us say it's windy, locals around here call it a breeze. Well, a breeze we had all the way there and all the way back. Not being blown off of I40 was a priority the entire day!

Inside the Route 66 Museum.

Our drive was well worth it because the museum was great! And, the $3 entry fee made it even more enjoyable (remember Cape Kennedy?) A nice couple greeted us at the counter, asked us to sign their guest book, provided us with headphones to use while browsing and even allowed us to take pics inside! Topping off our tour was a series of old movies about Route 66 in a small, but comfortable, theater.

Now who's got the better looking truck?

After the museum tour, it was time for lunch. John spotted a Route 66 Restaurant across the street and we paused to ask the couple for advise about the food. Well, it was closed down (as are many other businesses on this history highway), but we got directions to a local place called Jigg's.

Moo-moos outside Jigg's Place.

Jigg's Place is a local BBQ with good food. We were advised to not order the Kitchen Sink, so John settled for the Pig Sickle and Sissy had the Beef BBQ. Both were excellent 5" sandwiches served on wax paper and paper towels; John's was pork ribs (without the bones) and Sissy's was shredded beef. There was so much food, Sissy had to take half of hers back to the campground for dinner.

This is it! Jigg's Place.

Back onto breezy I40 to Oklahoma City and the famous Stockyards we went. John set the cruise while Sissy reclined her seat to the "rest your eyes" position. We had planned to eat dinner at Cattleman's Steakhouse, but with lunch still pressing on our waistlines, we elected to head east to the campground. Upon arrival, we noticed more campers had arrived (Marion and Jeanie from Oklahoma), so we chatted and tipped a few until about 2130. Marion, a former U.S. Army Ranger and bike rider, and Jeanie, his girlfriend for 18 years (smart man), were very interesting people. It was too bad they arrived the night before we had to leave for Texas. But, we had a great time talking with them about everything under the star lit sky (without telescopes, mind you.)

With the trailer all packed and hooked up before bedtime, we grabbed a few winks in preparation for our morning departure. The storm from Texas was approaching, so we wanted to get an early start in case of traffic delays and stormy weather.

We've decided to create 2 web pages for our time in Oklahoma City to include more larger pics for you to view and to narrate all 3 days of our sightseeing. Click here to visit page 1.

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