Las Vegas, Nevada

July 14th - 16th

Ceasar´s Palace

Bellagio water/light show - Paris and Ballys are in the background

Carp and Striped Bass feeding at Lake Mead Marina

Stratusfear Tower - Notice the roller coaster at the top

Bellagio´s Hotel and Casino

We arrived in Las Vegas at about 1500 after driving through the mountains of southern Utah, northwestern Arizona and southern Nevada. Boy was it hot (114 degrees) and smoggy! We didnīt get many pics of the mountains or take any side trips to Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon as was planned due to the smoke/smog. The news reports on the radio advised the smoke/smog was due to the heat and forest fires in Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

First on the agenda was fuel for the truck before parking the rig at Sam´s Town Casino and RV Park. After accomplishing that, it was off to Boulder Highway and the park. John didnīt want to spend too much time in the heat, so after unhooking it was off to the swimming pool right behind our site. What a refreshing time that was. We even met Richard; a guy vacationing from Anaheim, California. Turns out Richard used to be an officer on the LAPD, but had to retire after being driven over and shot by an illegal alien. His surgery scars, where doctors had to remove parts of his spine and other body parts, were not pretty at all. But, Richard seemed to be making the best of life, and being in Las Vegas was one of them.

After about an hour in the pool socializing with some new friends, we headed to the trailer for freshening up before going to dinner and playing a few slots with Richard. The buffet in Samīs Town Casino was nice but weīd had better. After dinner, we headed straight to the one-armed bandits. Weīre not the gaming types, so we set a budget of $30 each to lose before heading back home. Whelp, we spent $36 of our own money and won a total of about $1,100 before calling it quits. Of course, you realize we didnīt take that much home with us. We walked out of the casino with $420 after a full night of having fun in īSin City.ī

Here we are inside Bellagio´s

Since our first trip was cut short, and Sissy wasnīt able to see Hoover Dam, we headed out the next morning (with Richard) toward Lake Mead and the dam. Since Las Vegas was only about 30 miles away, John didnīt mind the side trip at all. We took our time washing the truck first before going to the Lake Mead National Recreation Park and using our National Park Pass to enter for free. Down to the marina we went because the gate guard suggested we go there and feed the fish some popcorn. We should have brought our poles because the fish were huge and Sissy was yup, you guessed it, wanting to wet another line. Oh well!

After Lake Mead, it was on to the dam. The traffic was steady but the security check points went smooth. We didnīt even get searched. John kept saying it was prettier when he was there last so we didnīt take many pics; we already had some. Also, the crowds were heavy so we didnīt take the tour down to the generators either. Off we went for a continuation of our side trip for the day. First, we stopped off at a view point where Navajo Indians were selling some jewelry and pottery. John had stopped at the same view point on the first trip and bought Sissy a necklace then. Whelp, Sissy wanted another so we did it again. Second, we headed to Laughlin, Nevada for a quick stop at the Colorado River and a drive through town so Sissy could see that also. Finally, on the way back, we drove through a small place called Searchlight before arriving again in Las Vegas.

Fremont in downtown Las Vegas. We saw the overhead light show at midnight!

After a full day driving, we decided to freshen up and head to the Las Vegas strip for dinner, sites and some more gambling. We arrived at Bellagio´s Hotel and Casino about 3 minutes before the water/light show began so we did that first. We´d seen the show on television and definitely wanted to make that a part of our experience here. Turns out it was an excellent decision because the show was outstanding. We don´t know how high the water is sprayed into the air, but it´s up there. Choreographed to music, the water seemed to be dancing in the air.

Flamingo where we ate Prime Rib dinner and gambled a little

Dinner was next on the agenda, so we headed to the buffet at Flamingo´s, but got side tracked inside the hotel/casino. There was a really nice restaurant inside advertising prime rib for $11.95. Since John wanted red meat, the decision was made. Besides, we´d promised to buy Richard dinner since he paid for last night´s buffet at Sam´s Town. Anyway, the prime rib, potato and veggies were great and cooked to perfection. Then it was time to spend some more of our hard earned money.

We all headed in our own directions to play some more slots. Richard, after losing $250 in Sam´s Town Casino the night before, ended up doing the best; making up his previous night´s loss and gaining another $130 to boot. Sissy and John dropped $50, but stuck to there budget and didn´t break out the plastic, hah, hah. Didn´t matter, we all had a great time just being there.

The heat was still in the air (101 degrees) just before 2300, so we got the truck and headed down the strip for some pics and sightseeing. John was sweating profusely and wanted some air-conditioning. Richard, a Californian at heart and a Las Vegas part-timer, turned out to be an excellent navigator. He directed us to Fremont which is the overhead light show in downtown Las Vegas. We arrived just before the last show at midnight and were able to enjoy the moment. Even though very pretty, it wasn´t as good as Bellagio´s (our opinion only).

John feeding the fish at Lake Mead Marina

Our third day in Las Vegas began with breakfast and then showers before heading out on the bike toward the strip. After a quick stop for fuel, it was westbound to the strip. There weren´t many places to pull over for pics, so we opted to snap away while sitting at red stop lights (there´s plenty of those). And, because of the heat (116 degrees at 1030 in the morning) it was only one pass and then back home to the trailer. Yes, you guessed it, we headed straight for the swimming pool after starting the laundry.

We decided to relax on our last night here, so we took a couple hour nap before getting dressed and heading to Sam´s Town again for dinner and a try at our luck again. Whelp, dinner got postponed because when we arrived (just before 2000) the water/light show was beginning. We opted to have a drink and watch the show before setting off into the casino.

After the show we headed for the slots ... and to our surprise (ha, ha) our luck wasn´t as good as before. We both went through our budgeted $30 each in record time. That didn´t matter however, because we were having fun the entire time while drinking the ´comp´ spirits delivered by the scantly clad waitress (John did the ordering and tipping just to get his quick ´look-sees.´

Our final morning began with John getting up bright and early to head for the truck stop for fuel while Sissy prepared the trailer for our trip to Hesperia, California. The temperature was high again, but that didn´t matter because we were excited about seeing Bill & Janet (a couple John had met in Kingman, Arizona on trip one).

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 10
  • People - 10
  • Roads - 9
  • Scenery - 8
  • Traffic - 9
  • Things to Do - 10
  • Weather - 8

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