Jessy´s Letter to Mom & Dad

My Vacation with Grandpa and Grandma on my first trip away from home.


Well mom and dad, you already know about the first night now let me tell you about the next day and a half. It was great, grandma is a piece of cake and grandpa, well, he´s easy. I will find it hard to believe any of the stories you have to tell me about how bad he was.


The morning we are suppose to leave he told grandma to wake me up early. I want you to know that I was having a good sleep and I was not ready to be awake. He made grandma come in here and wake me up at 7:00 AM. His excuse was that he had to pack his clothes and take a shower. (Doesn´t he know that we like to sleep and nothing will wake us up?) Well grandma wakes me up, but it does take her a few minutes to wake me cause I had a hard night playing DJ for them. As usual I wake up with a smile on my face. Grandma kisses me and says "good morning sunshine."


As a good grandmother would do, she changes my diaper and off to see grandpa and uncle David we go. They both act real excited to see me, so I make the most of it and take them both to the tee!!! Catch my drift. (I had them both eating right out of my hand) I got good mornings and kisses like nobody. (I must be kinda special) Dad, while I was getting all those good mornings and kisses, grandma was in the kitchen cooking my favorite meal. (I wonder how did she know that?) I had oatmeal with cinnamon along with toast and butter. I ate all of the oatmeal and left the toast for grandma to eat.


After breakfast, grandma changes my clothes for our trip and grandpa watches me while grandma takes a shower. I had fun! I pulled grandpa´s beard and he acted like it hurt, but I knew that I couldn´t hurt this big man. Anyway grandma was done and then it was switch time. I got away with a lot more with grandma than I did with grandpa. She let me walk around the house and find out what I could and could not do. I must say, grandma did say a lot of NO´S, but she does let me explore. You know when grandpa has a plan he likes to stick to it. In a very nice way grandpa lets us know that we were running behind time. Grandma reminds grandpa that we are retired and there´s no hurry.


FINALLY we get loaded and off we go after grandma goes back into the house about 3 times because she has forgotten something. The only reason she rushes is because of grandpa, but grandma doesn´t mind. She just takes her time and grandpa always seems to wait. Anyway we begin, however we don´t go far cause grandma reminds grandpa to stop off at the credit union to get MONEY. (I like the word money, cause that means they will buy me something) Grandpa dropped grandma off at the credit union and we took a ride around the block for quality time with grandpa and that´s good. (I can wrap him a little tighter around my finger!!!!) Hey you know grandpa is not as young as you think, we got as far as Princess Anne Road and Dam Neck Road and he remembered that he forgot to do something. (Guess he didn´t check his check list!) Nothing important, he just forgot to close one of the vents on the trailer. Grandma asked if it would be OK to leave open until we had to make our first stop. (Suffolk that is) He said it would be OK.


Well Suffolk was not close enough, because I heard grandpa tell grandma that he had to pee!!!! Grandma told grandpa to hold it cause we were almost in Suffolk. He did but as soon as we got to Suffolk grandpa pulled off. I was sleeping so grandma and grandpa had to take turns so one of them could stay with me and watch me sleep. You know I slept until we just about got to Emporia. Grandma was worrying about me eating and drinking, and since I still had my coat on she was worried that I might get too hot. Well guess what? I woke up and grandma took my coat off and gave me some juice along with a oatmeal/berry breakfast bar. I was one happy camper.


About 30 minutes later grandpa had to pee again. (He was drinking a lot of water) so grandma said stop at the Burger King right before we get on the interstate. He did and grandpa went in the trailer and peed. Then grandma took me into the trailer and changed my diaper and then gave me to grandpa. (He was talking to some Army guy about his truck) He looked and grandma wondering what he was supposed to do with me. I kinda thought I was in trouble now because grandpa had never put me in the car seat before. Grandma went into Burger King to get us something to eat. Grandma came back with 2 cheeseburgers, 2 hamburgers and an order of fries. Grandpa told her that the car seat was too big for me and I needed something smaller. Well he got me in the seat anyway, but just didn´t know how to operate the thing!!! Grandma came to the rescue and fixed my car seat. Grandma also sat in the back seat of the truck and we had lunch together while grandpa ate in the drivers seat.


About 20 minutes later lunch was over. I was happy; dry bottom, full belly and rested. Grandpa was on his way again Interstate 95 North we were headed. I just sat in my car seat and watched the view. Not much on the interstate but trees, but I did watch the trees go by. It didn´t take long and we were there at Jelly Stone Park with Yogi Bear. Grandma and me were really excited we had reached our destination point, and now it was time to play. We thought anyway. Grandpa made us work for a few minutes before we could play, so grandma and I got the trailer ready for the over night stay while grandpa unhooked the trailer form the truck and hooked up all the lines that he was supposed to hook up.


Well before long grandma was changing my diaper, putting on my coat and my hat and off we went. Grandpa took us around the campground to see what there was to do. We searched and not too many people were there yet. We saw the pool and the park when we came in so we knew we were going to have fun. The pool was closed but the park was open. Grandpa parked the truck back into our parking space and got my stroller and off to the park we went.


Wow, there were ducks to ride, horses to ride, swings to swing on and slides to slide down. Grandma took me on all of them while grandpa took our picture. It was great; you should have been there. Grandma even brought me juice and water to drink just in case I got thirsty. I didn´t want to leave the park but grandma and grandpa thought it was time to go. (I think that they were getting tired, they are not use to having an energetic little girl around ) We went back to the campsite and we walked around a little bit. I tried to eat a rock and grandpa caught me. Grandpa was sitting on the bench of the picnic table taking our picture and grandma saved me from eating the dirt and rock. (She´s pretty fast for almost 40)


Grandma got the camera form grandpa and started taking pictures of us. (sure hope they come out) It´s getting cold outside and grandpa and grandma think that I should take a nap. (I think they wanted to take a nap!) We go inside, grandma changes my diaper again, and tells grandpa to download the photos that we have taken so far. Grandma puts me into the playpen and grandpa starts downloading the photos. I am not going to make this an easy task for him. I start playing with his cord. Grandpa keeps telling me NO and I smile at him and give him the cross-eyed look and he melts. Of course grandma is laughing at the both of us.


Well grandma decides it´s time to cook dinner; chicken, corn and mashed potatoes. While grandma is doing all that, I am still messing with grandpa. Pulling the cord on the computer and then I discover that the molding on the table can come out. So I start pulling on that, but grandpa catches me and fusses at me. I just gave him that smile and look and he caves in. Grandma decides that while dinner is cooking this is a good time to give me a bath. Grandma starts to undress me and grandpa says don´t you think you should get the bath ready first. Grandma agreed. Off to the bath I went. Not a really long one, no toys to play with except a cup.


After the bath and getting dressed grandpa tells grandma to blow-dry my hair. On the toilet I sat while grandma dried my hair. (Can´t believe she didn´t style it) After grandma dried my hair she was worried about my runny nose, so she gave me some of the good medicine. Back to the playpen I went while grandpa finished dinner. Dinner is ready; since grandpa and grandma didn´t want my HI-CHAIR with them I stood up in the playpen for dinner. Grandma tried to feed me but I didn´t want any of hers; I wanted grandpa´s food. I ate half of grandpa´s dinner. I did have a couple bites of grandma´s but not too much.


After dinner grandpa and grandma looked like they were out for the night, but I had another thought for them; I was not ready for bed in the playpen. Grandma had gotten the sleeping bags down from the top bunk and made their bed and I wanted to be there with them. I heard grandpa say that Jessie would much rather sleep with you. So grandma gets me out of the playpen and puts me in bed with her; within 5 minutes I am a sleep with grandma. Now mind you it´s no later than 7:00 PM and grandpa is already snoring. I go to sleep and grandma decides that the covers are not right for her, she gets up and wakes grandpa up trying to fix the covers and spills over her drink all over the carpet that grandpa had laid in the trailer.


Grandpa is awake by now with all the noise that grandma is making and says did you make a mess? Grandma rushes to clean up her mess and while they are doing all this they wake me up. Grandma cleans up her mess and back to bed she comes, now that I am awake, grandma has got to tend to me. I want to explore while I am in bed, grandma had put the shade down on the window and I can reach it, mistake she made. I started playing with the shade and found out that the gold part is only there for decorations and decide that it no longer needs to be there.


Grandpa asks what is going on, grandma makes up some kind of excuse and we pass. Off to sleep I go again. Grandma is watching the Olympics on the TV. She falls asleep for a while and then I decide that I am no longer happy with the way I am sleeping, so I crawl all over grandma and she´s a trooper, she lets me do anything I want. I crawled on her chest and she rubbed my back until I went to sleep. I woke up again and moved to her hip and she rubbed my back again, that was very uncomfortable for her so she moved me to a higher elevation with two pillows. That was good for a while and then I climbed on her chest again and tried to get to grandpa. Glad grandma was there or else I would have ended up on the floor. There´s this space between grandpa and grandma´s beds.


Finally I got to sleep for the night. I really don´t think grandma did, cause she told me that there were a lot of trains that went by our campsite last night. Grandpa sure likes to get up early; he got up around 5:30 am and started making coffee for him and grandma. He´s so sweat cause he makes grandma´s coffee for her and brings it to her in the morning. Grandma got up, had her coffee and went outside to smoke wearing grandpa´s jacket. She came back in and grandpa told her that I had to wake up by 8:00AM. Grandpa had even got all the stuff out to make breakfast. Well almost everything. I woke up around 7:45 with a big smile on my face, and gave grandma and grandpa a kiss good morning.


Grandpa started cooking the water for the oatmeal while grandma changed my diaper and gave me lots of kisses and said good morning sunshine. I really think they LOVE ME. After grandma got me all settled she made grandpa watch me while she finished cooking. Can you believe she made oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon in it? Wow was that good. Grandpa didn´t want any to begin with but he ate a whole bowl just like I did. I wasn´t full either so grandma gave me a breakfast bar. Let me tell you that was not an easy task for grandma. While getting the breakfast bar she first spilled grandpa´s coffee in the sink (A fresh whole cup) then she dropped the Hershey mix in the sink. (Grandma was not having a good morning) Once I finally got the breakfast bar I was a happy camper.


After breakfast grandma thinks that it would be a good idea to fix sandwiches for the trip home. Grandpa´s turn to watch me while grandma does her thing. Grandpa wanted some Swiss cheese and he shared it with me. I really did not like it too much, but it was easy for me to rip apart and put it all over grandpa´s belly. I even fed him some of my Swiss cheese and offered some to grandma but she didn´t want any. Once that task is over grandpa goes outside to get things ready to leave so grandma and me stay inside and get things ready. We finish and grandpa finishes so when he comes inside. It´s time for grandma to go and take her shower and get ready for the trip home.


She carries the walkie-talkie so that she can talk to grandpa and me. She talks to us all the way there and while she´s getting ready for her shower. We call her back a couple of times and there´s no answer. Grandpa wonders why she´s not answering and calls a few more times and finally grandma answers and says that the shower was great. Grandma takes a little longer so grandpa calls back again and wonders where is grandma. Grandma answers and says that she wants to blow dry her hair and put on her make up, but says make sure Jessie hears I LOVE YOU. Grandma calls back just before she leaves and tells grandpa and me that she´s headed out the door. Grandpa says look at the window and you will see us waving. Sure enough we were both waving. Grandma comes back in the trailer pretty and looking good. Grandpa says lets go hook up the trailer so grandma puts my coat on and off we go. We watch grandpa unhook all the stuff. (Can you believe that he was trying to teach me how to do this stuff, guess he thinks that one day I will be doing all the work?)


Now it´s time for grandpa to go and take a shower. Grandma and me go back inside and clean up and get the trailer ready for the trip home. I help grandma sweep the trailer and add a few things to the floor. Before you know it grandpa is back and on the road we go. I can´t say how the trip home was cause I slept all the way to Virginia Beach, but I am sure if I had been awake I would have enjoyed it as much as I did on the trip.


After we get all the stuff unloaded from the trailer grandma takes me for a walk around the block. The sun was shinning and we had our water so off we went. We get home and grandpa has us locked out of the house, but he let us in. He was eating lunch, so we had to eat lunch. Grandma fixed me a grilled cheese and she had ham. It was good. After lunch we had a kit kat bar, man that´s my favorite candy bar and grandma knows it. Grandpa was lying on the couch and decided that I should lay with him, I did not want to take a nap. He knew that I slept all the way home and I was not tired at all. So I just messed with him for a while and he let me down and I was on the exploring path again. Grandma lets me look, but sure does not let me touch. Man did I ever get grandma. I had to go to the bathroom and boy did I? I heard her tell grandpa that I stunk badly. She had to take my shirt off and wash it out. I got her good.