Hesperia, California
Silverwood Lake, California
Big Bear City & Lake, California

July 17th - 20th

Setting up camp at Bill & Janet´s home. Sissy´s work begins after John backs the bike out of the trailer ...

John & Sissy standing in front of some rocks that had been pushed up at the San Andreas fault ...

Silverwood Lake taken from atop a mountain view point ...

Big Bear Lake inside the San Bernardino National Forest ... notice the large sand pebbles

Bill feeding ´Starving Marvin´ ... his rescued sparrow which had fallen out of a nest at his home

Our trip down to Hesperia, California from Las Vegas, Nevada was very nice despite the 111 degree temperature. The roads were perfect once out of town, and the traffic was moderate. John obeyed the highway signs the entire way (Maximum 55 MPH for trucks and cars with trailers) and just about everyone passed us by. Oh well, we had a nice, smooth ride!

Bill's directions were perfect, and he met us just off the exit. After saying our hello's and Sissy meeting Bill for the first time, we headed for his home in the high desert of Hesperia. Wow! what a spread. Bill & Janet built their 6000 sqft home about 12 years ago and it was beautiful; Spanish style and complete with indoor swimming pool on 2.5 acres. He directed us down the circular front driveway where we parked the rig and met Janet. Boy, was it good seeing them both again after 2 months since Kingman, Arizona.

Lakeside beach at Silverwood Lake

Our first afternoon with Bill & Janet consisted of socializing, taking a trip to Wall Mart for a car battery and eating dinner. John especially liked the Wall Mart trip because of the big breasted 'California Girls' everywhere he looked! Bill didn't pay too much attention, but John did - go figure.

The next morning it was up bright and early for a trip to Silverwood Lake through Cajon Pass. Our ride included driving through areas devastated by recent forest fires and across the San Andreas fault where we stopped for pics of pushed up rocks. Going through the mountains enroute to the lake, we stopped off at several mountain view points for pics as well. The ride was absolutely gorgeous! We took a side trip through the State Park and were even able to stop at the beach where families were enjoying the day picnicking, boating and swimming.

After a couple hours enjoying the scenery, it was back home so Bill could feed 'Starving Marvin'; a sparrow chick Bill had rescued after it had fallen from a nest at his home. 'Starving Marvin' needed feeding every 2 hours, and Bill wasn't about to let him go without a meal. We agreed! That little bird was so cute, and it was entertaining to watch his mommy (Bill) feed him on schedule. We both knew Bill was going to be heartbroken when it was time to release Marvin into the wild again. But ... that wasn't going to be anytime soon if Bill had his way ... which he did quite often.

Janet prepared an excellent chef's salad for dinner and we were stuffed. She and Bill then broke out photo albums of their camping trips to California, Arizona and Wyoming that we thoroughly enjoyed. We also watched a home video of California Sea Lions in Morro Bay Janet had taken and another video of Lake Powell. Then, after John began dozing off, it was time to hit the sack.

Sissy, Bill & Janet in front of some small shops in Big Bear City

Our third day with Bill & Janet included an all day trip (with 'Starving Marvin') to Big Bear City and Lake. After visiting the local Wal-Mart store again for John's look-sees and getting the truck serviced, we drove through Apple and Lucerne Valleys, past the California Pistachio farms and through the San Bernardino National Forest to get there. Again, the scenery was gorgeous and we stopped at many view points to get pics. The climb up the mountain (11% grade) went slow and steady, but our F350 handled it without a problem.

Big Bear Lake is a mountain lake, winter ski resort and summertime getaway for many Californians from all over including San Diego and Los Angeles. Bill & Janet said the area was quite congested on the weekends, but we found it to be less so because it was Friday. There were plenty of people there, but nothing compared to Virginia Beach on a summer day.

We stopped at a local restaurant for lunch after Bill fed 'Starving Marvin' under a shade tree first. The steak and all-u-can-eat shrimp meals were great! We even took some steak and shrimp home for the next day. Ooooops, Marvin began to flutter his wings and flew out of the cardboard box! Bill began to chuckle and calm Marvin down while the rest of us laughed with enjoyment. It was almost time to take pics of Bill's tears streaming down his face. Nope, not this day. It was off to the local pet store for a birdcage and worms for Marvin.

Back home, Marvin took to his new home perfectly. He could now see the world from something other than a towel covered cardboard box. He chirped every time Bill came near because he knew his mommy was going to feed him soon.

John & Bill posing for a pic on the shoreline of Big Bear Lake

After a full day, it was time to relax and enjoy the weather. After the sun went down and the wind began to blow, the temperature dropped to about 80 degrees. It felt like 70 to us, and Sissy had to get her sexies (sweatpants) out. We watched a video of the Yellowstone National Park fire in the late 80's before hitting the sack about 2100.

We decided to stay close by on Saturday to get some things done before heading south to San Diego on Sunday morning. John wanted to wash the truck and update the web site, and Sissy wanted to straighten up the trailer and update her journal. The weather was perfect; sunny with very little wind. We also took pics of Bill & Janet's home for posting on the web site.

Janet walking up Silverwood Lake Beach after testing the water

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - N/A
  • People - 10
  • Roads - 9
  • Scenery - 10
  • Traffic - 10
  • Things to Do - 10
  • Weather - 10

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