Dallas, Texas

March 30th - 31st

Hail on the ground outside of our trailer. The pic was taken from the camper door as the hail bounced off of Sissy's head.

Schoolbook Depository Building.

John checking out the crime scene.

John posing with author Robert J. Groden.

Texas Stadium - home of the Dallas Cowboys.

A storm was-a comin'! Yup, there was a huge storm approaching Oklahoma from Texas, but we had spent 3 very nice days in Oklahoma and it was time to move on. We figured everything came from Texas (remember the humidity in Branson), so it was time to go find out why. Besides, if we headed south through the storm as it headed north, we thought it might be clear in Dallas. Wrong! We drove through a driving rain the entire way.

I35 south was smooth and great, traffic was light and everyone behaved themselves on the roadway. Actually, we had a nice ride to Texas. Upon arrival, we headed for the first Tourist Information Center we found (Grand Prairie), and the hostess there provided us with some very helpful information on campgrounds, restaurants and things to do. We immediately headed for the Cedar Hills State Park, but elected to not stay there because of the weather and its lack of amenities (no pull thrus, no full hookups and no laundry.) We instead, drove back into Grand Prairie and registered at the Trader's Village which was directly adjacent to a Flea Market. They had level sights and all the amenities we were looking for.

Texas Ranger Stadium.

Unhooking took no time, and we were off in the truck to explore and get our bearings. Besides, we were starving and in search of a huge Texas steak. Spotting the Harley Davidson store nearby, we thought they, of all people, would know where to get a steak! Sure enough. They said go to the Texas Roadhouse right down the street (the Tourist Information hostess told us the same thing). Our break-lunch-dinner was great with 12 ounce rib eyes, bourbon (John) and margarita (Sissy). We even had to take some home for a snack later. Next, it was gift shopping at Cavender's Boot City (if yours doesn't arrive, the gift wasn't for you)! And finally, it was to the local grocery store for supplies before heading back to the campground under threatening skies.

Heading back was a good thing too because we got pounded with a hail storm not 10 minutes later. No damage to the truck, trailer or bike, but our nerves were a little frayed at the time. Have you ever been inside a metal camping trailer during a hail storm?

Water tower just outside our campground.

Sunday morning it was off to downtown Dallas and Dealey Plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Parking lots (the pay kind) were everywhere and the traffic was light. There were even metered spaces just across the street from the Schoolbook Depository, so we opted to park in one of them. After dropping a few nickels in, a homeless guy selling JFK newspapers told us we didn't have to do that on Sunday; only Monday-Saturday. Of course, we didn't believe him at first but he showed us on the meter itself. You know, we almost bought one of those papers from him, but it narrated the Warren Commission's version of what had happened and John knew that wasn't the truth.

After checking out the area on our own, we met Robert J. Groden (photographic consultant to the House Select Committee on Assassinations and Technical Adviser to Oliver Stone's "JFK." He just happened to be in Dealey Plaza on our arrival feeding the pigeons and selling his magazine "JFK - The Case For Conspiracy." This was just the person John needed to meet, since he is in total agreement with the Conspiracy Theory! After buying one of Mr. Groden's magazines, getting his pic and autograph, we headed out of downtown to Texas Stadium for more pics.

No, the pics we took at Texas Stadium are not for John or Sissy; they're for John's son Johnny since he is a Cowboy fan. The stadium was closed, but we were able to get close enough to get some good shots. Then, it was to Arlington and the Texas Ranger's Stadium which was open. And, since it was lunchtime, we went to the Sports Bar inside and attempted to order. The bartender was very inexperienced and we elected to not eat there because of his attitude and habits in/around the bar; he failed to wash his hands before and after handling food.

Dennis, Denise and Sissy at our campground.

John talked Sissy into Mexican food, so we stopped at a local Taco Bueno and ordered. It was inexpensive, close to the campground and more than enough food. After lunch, Sissy wandered over to the Flea Market nearby while John took the scoot in/around the area for about 50 miles. Well, enough of Dallas. We'd had enough after 2 days and nights, and it was time to socialize with the neighbors (Dennis and Denise from Minnesota), eat some dinner and hit the sack for an early start toward San Antonio.

U.S. Post Office in downtown Dallas. Yes, it is an Historical Landmark.

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 8
  • People - 10
  • Roads - 9
  • Scenery - 7
  • Traffic - 7
  • Things to Do - 8
  • Weather - 6

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