Canton, Ohio
Pro Football Hall of Fame

August 22nd - 23rd

Sissy caught the first and biggest fish. Is she having a good time, or what?

Sissy spent EXTRA time at the Washington Redskins displays

There were actually 2 Halls of Fame and this was the beginning of one

The Vince Lombarde Trophy

Leaving Elkhart, Indiana in the rain was a unique experience because it was the first time we´d done that. Our entire trip had been almost rain free, but Thursday morning it was coming down pretty good. Not long after leaving the campground however, the sky cleared and we managed to get ahead of the storms again. Hot and muggy was on the agenda, and when we reached our destination of Canton, Ohio the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Sissy was even sweating as we got out of the truck to register at the Bear Creek KOA Resort. Oh well, we may as well get used to it because back home it was even worse. Seemed to us, the Mississippi River was the humidity barrier (east ... lots of it ... west ... none of it).

The Bear Creek KOA Resort was rated a Gold according to the book, but as you can see we rated it a 7 (Silver or even Bronze). It did however, have a private fishing pond which was to our liking! And besides, it was the closest campground to the Pro Football Hall of Fame which we´d passed driving down I77 through Canton. Fishing was on the agenda first after setting up camp. We rolled the bike out and headed to the small lake. After talking with a family fishing along the bank, we discovered there were brim and catfish ready for the taking. The campground office even had a pic of a guy who´d caught a rather large cat earlier this year. And, since it was a catch-n-release pond, that old fella was still there!

Sissy couldn´t wait, so we packed up the fishing gear (we remembered the poles this time), other essentials like beer, ice and coke, then headed down the hill in the truck to wet our hooks. We experimented with salmon eggs, bread and even fish bait spray. Didn´t matter ... the little brim bit on anything, but the cats were nowhere to be had. After catching 8 fish (John 5 and Sissy 3) we´d had enough and the weather was starting to get nasty.

The wind was kicking up so we returned to the trailer and found our neighbor´s awning fluttering/flapping in the wind. Someone had saved our awning while in Tucson, Arizona so John decided to save Tom and Sharon´s since they were out-n-about. Later on, Tom (a retired police officer from Lakeville, Indiana) and his wife Sharon returned so we went next door to chat for a while and tell them about the awning. Tom (with 2 healed up bullet holes in his right side) had been shot early in his career and retired after rising to become the Uniform Division Commander of his department.

After returning to our own trailer and watching the National Weather Service Tornado Warning on TV, we knew why the weather was turning nasty. The storms we´d outrun during the day were now arriving just north of us. The weather guy said "It´s time to get into your basement!" What basement? John told Sissy if the storm hit the Akron/Canton Airport (not far from the campground), we´d get inside the truck since it would be safer than the trailer.

John caught the smallest fish but more of them
... 5 to Sissy´s 3

Friday morning it was up not-so-bright and early. The rain was still coming down, and we were in no hurry to get started. The plan for the day was to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but that was after breakfast (leftovers), coffee and some computer work. The sky was still cloudy, but the rain had stopped. First, we drove around trying to find fuel for the truck without success so it was on to the Hall of Fame.

Pro Football began in Pennsylvania in 1892. Our tour began there

Road construction in town was rather depressing, but once we found our way to the museum everything was fine. There was an admission fee at the door, but well worth the price. Stopping for pics outside, we asked another tourist to take our pic together before going inside and through the displays. Our self guided tour began with a history of pro football which started in Pennsylvania in 1892 and ended with last year´s Super Bowl.

Our visit concluded with GameDay Stadium "a state-of-the-art turntable theater, presenting football as you´ve never experienced it. High-definition laser discs, 35mm Cinemascope film and eight channels of digital sound provides Hall of Fame visitors with a unique sight and sound extravaganza!"

This one´s for John´s son ... Dallas Cowboys

Ok, the fun was over and it was time to find fuel. We drove around for a while and finally located a station that sold diesel. Then, it was to the local Price Club where John stocked up on his special beef jerky (they only sell it there) and we both stocked up on cigarettes. Finally, it was back to the trailer because we couldn´t find anything else very interesting to do in Canton.

Another one for John´s son

You guessed it, time for a short nap before doing laundry at the campground. Sissy did that while John updated the web site and checked email. The next morning, we were headed south toward West Virginia and then on to Virginia. Time was getting short, and we had to get closer to home before Labor Day. Our next destination was uncertain at the moment.

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 7
  • People - 8
  • Roads - 8
  • Scenery - 9
  • Traffic - 9
  • Things to Do - 9
  • Weather - 8

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