Buffalo, Tennessee

April 29th - 30th

Mountain/Valley view enroute to Buffalo, Tennessee.

Mountain/Valley view enroute to Buffalo, Tennessee.

Our pet robin at the campground. John tried feeding him Freetos, but he would have nothing to do with them.

John working on the truck/trailer at the campground. Did you know Simple Green wipes take bugs off really good?

Sissy making entries into her journal ... or should I say journals!

We weren't looking forward to traveling east from Sallisaw, Oklahoma! Why? Because we knew the road went directly through Arkansas. John decided to give those folks one more chance to change the previous image we had of the state. And, what a mistake that was. We should have gone at least 500 miles out of our way to avoid the place (again).

I40 in Oklahoma was not bad at all - I40 in Tennessee was great - I40 in Arkansas sucked! There was construction everywhere and the good parts beat us to death. Bump-i-dee, Bump-i-dee, Bump-i-dee, Bump-i-dee, Bump-i-dee, Bump-i-dee, Bump-i-dee we went for the entire length of the state. The last time we were in Arkansas (as you remember) we decided to contribute to the local economy by having breakfast at a local Cracker Barrel. This time we only stopped to pee!

Mountain/Valley view enroute to Buffalo, Tennessee.

After exiting Arkansas (and not waiving good-bye) we headed into Tennessee. Crossing over the Mississippi River near Memphis was a welcome adventure even though the traffic was congested. John found himself in the wrong lane when it was time to turn toward Nashville, but a very nice trucker let him in. Speaking of truckers, those guys (and gals) are probably the nicest driver's on the road. Throughout our entire trip, the truckers (for the most part) displayed courtesy on the roads, obeyed the speed limits, talked to us on the CB radio and even helped us out when we needed it. For those who say "truckers are a pain my ass", I say "you probably deserve it!"

The weather reports indicated severe storms were approaching from the west, but we only encountered overcast skies the entire way. John wanted to get as far east as possible, but as we approached Nashville (50 miles away) it was time to find a spot to rest. We decided on a Gold KOA in Buffalo, Tennessee after taking a side trip through the State Park to scope it out. The State Park was nice; campground on the lake, but the expense was not worth the stop. Besides, it was a 30 minute ride off the highway just to arrive at the campground.

Mountain/Valley view enroute to Buffalo, Tennessee.

Buffalo KOA was a pretty little campground but not worth a Gold rating in our opinion; maybe a Silver. The folks there were pretty helpful in giving us directions around the area, and the sites were clean but not level. We unhooked the truck this time because John wanted to get the truck serviced again and have the horn and cruise control checked. Usually, the horn and cruise control failed to work when the truck was cold early in the morning. We had it checked before we left, and again in Sierra Vista, Arizona, but neither dealership could find a problem.

The next morning it was off to Dickson, Tennessee and the local Ford dealer. John had to pee really bad, so we found a nice family owned restaurant on the way and had breakfast. The buffet looked like grease warmed over so we elected to order from the menu. Sissy had French Toast (delicious) and John had a huge western omelet with real ham and stuff inside (also delicious).

The Ford dealer serviced the truck in record time and at record low cost, but was unable to check the horn and cruise control as they were working by the time we arrived. Sissy headed for the nearest gift shop (down the hill a ways) and John chatted with the nice looking female working on his truck. You know, he just wanted to make sure it was done right! We had already stopped by the booze store, but it was too early in the morning to start that.

Our pet robin.

That afternoon it was time for Sissy to do laundry while John attempted to get those darn Arkansas bugs of the front of the truck. He tried the Simple Green wipes Sissy had brought on the trip and they worked great. Since we were prohibited from washing our truck in the campground, and since the nearest car wash was about 30 miles away, John decided against wiping down the entire truck. He did however; spray the tires with some cleaner which made them look great.

That night we slept in the trailer with the bike. John said it was because of the threatening weather, but Sissy knew he just wanted her close by. We both wanted an early start, so it was for the better. Next morning we were the last to leave the campground (as usual) but we headed out eastbound again early enough (about 0800).

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - 8
  • People - 8
  • Roads - 10
  • Scenery - 9
  • Traffic - 10
  • Things to Do - 8
  • Weather - 8

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