Beaufort, North Carolina

March 2nd

Our friend Willie and Sissy enjoying a display at the North Carolina Maritime Museum.

Museum display.

Museum display

Brand new Beaufort Police car. That's Willie's car in the background.

Beaufort, North Carolina is home of the infamous Police Chief William D. Haden, II (Willie to his friends). He became chief here after serving a distinguished career on the Virginia Beach Police Department - retiring as a Captain. He was my boss for the longest time both as a lieutenant in charge of homicide and as a captain in charge of the entire Detective Bureau in Virginia Beach.

Willie and Norma took us around town to see the sites and have lunch at a beautiful downtown restaurant. Sissy and I both had the crab cake sandwich with fries, and they were great!

Beaufort is a small town not too far from Emerald Isle. It's on the water, and we saw many commercial and pleasure craft of all kinds. We even visited the North Carolina Maritime Museum down near the waterfront.

Our Saturday was topped off by a visit to the Beaufort Police Department where Willie works. He showed us his headquarters and gave us the tour. He is very proud of his accomplishments here, and he should be. It was obvious to us that new equipment was everywhere; computers, vehicles and the like, and the building had a fresh coat of paint. Willie did chuckle as he pointed out the sign on the door. It read "Office Hours 9AM - 5PM"

John & Sissy EXCLUSIVE RATINGS: (1 bad - good 10)

  • Campground - N/A
  • People - 10
  • Roads - 7
  • Scenery - 7
  • Traffic - 7
  • Things to Do - 8
  • Weather - 3

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