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Antenna Wire Routing and Installation

I thought long and hard about the antenna routing and installation. Do I route it up through the sail? Inside the sail? Inside the WTC? Outside the WTC? Well, the final decision was to route it outside of the WTC and forward of any electronics. Another decision was to keep it above the electronics in the WTC. Why do these things? Because people, who are much smarter and more experienced than me, said so! Keeping it away from, and above, any electronic components reduces the possibility of interference.
I learned from the experts that the most important thing about antenna wires is to keep them dry at all costs. To do this, I put a bead of silicone on the end tip thus sealing the wire itself. This prohibits water making its way back into the receiver.

Next, I drilled a hole in the forward end of the WTC and pushed a piece of 5/32" brass tubing through. The tubing was sealed on both sides with silicone. The antenna wire then was routed through the brass tubing and through a long piece of neoprene hose. The neoprene hose was sealed with silicone on both ends, and a cap was placed on the forward end. Finally, the cap was sealed with silicone. Overkill ... maybe, but I wanted to make sure water stays out!
The white antenna wire is visible inside of the transparent, neoprene hose.
The antenna wire was routed through a hole in the bow plane retract mechanism, and then routed back through it again pointing aft. These holes were not sealed to allow for easy removal if necessary.
And ... finally, the antenna wire was secured to the CO2 bottle housing with a wire clip. This also allows for easy removal in the future if necessary.

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