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Transmitter Setup

Here are my two (2) Multi-Switch-Prop Modules (#8101) that will be housed in the transmitter.

These modules will take up two proportional channels of my transmitter and expand them into 24 switched and 4 proportional servo channels (12 switched and 2 proportional servo channels each.) They feature four 3-way latched switches, two on/off momentary switches and 2 rotary knobs each.
The Instruction Manual was very straightforward ... written in both German and English. It provided not only narrative, but also photographs and diagrams to see exactly what to do when installing the expansion modules.

One step that wasn´t narrated in the manual was how to install two (2) of the same kind of modules since there was only one plug on the main board. A quick call to Al solved that problem ... those Germans are smart. They included a plug on each of the module boards so you can connect them in series. Problem solved!
The Plug-n-Play type installation was quick and easy. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to tighten the six (6) nuts ... and that was it. No other tools required!

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