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Purchasing and Receiving

I purchased my F-14 Navy Twin-Stick Radio (The Ultimate Expandable Marine Radio) from Ships-N-Things.

Al (the owner) had to order two (2) of my expansion modules from Germany as his stock was depleted, but the entire process of purchasing my radio was very quick. Besides ... what was I to do ... Ships-N-Things is the exclusive distributor for these radios in the United States!

And, if you want expansion capabilities (servo, momentary switches, latched switches) at a reasonable cost, the F-14 Navy Twin-Stick Radio is the radio to buy!
The standard set contains:
  • F-14 Transmitter with built-in Navy-Twin-Stick, 75 MHz
  • RX775 DF Receiver, 75 MHz
  • 3 - FS 100 Servos
  • 3 - Servo accessory bags
  • 1 - Pair of crystals
  • 1 - Switch harness
In addition to the standard radio, I also purchased:
  • 2 - Multi-Switch-Prop Modules (#8101)
  • 2 - Multi-Switch-Prop 12+2 Decoder Memory Modules (#8370)

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