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Part 4 - Propeller Shaft Installation

After lining up the shafts/stuffing boxes and marking the holes for drilling, I drilled two (2) 3/8" holes in the hull and two (2) 3/8" holes in the propulsion unit WTC.

You can see in this pic that I had to re-position the aluminum angle bracket farther aft. No worries however, because the extra holes will be hidden when the top hull half is installed. And ... besides ... what´s another hole here and there. When this project is complete, there will be over 300 holes anyway!
With the propellers now temporarily in place, I can begin fine shaping the stern. I can also pause once in a while to imagine these beauties cutting through the water.
And ... let´s not forget the shrouds. I really do need to get working on these because I´m tired of looking at their rough shapes. Filing and sanding are soon to come.
I´ve skipped forward quite a bit because you can see the stern section is now complete. You can view information on this progression by visiting the Rudder and Stern Planes sections of this web site.

I´ve installed the propellers and shafts. With the stern planes in place, it was necessary to install the shafts first and then screw the propellers on.
Here is a view looking aft.
And another view from atop the WTC. The shafts were not sealed into the hull itself, but rather in the WTC. On the outside of the WTC, a bead of silicone seals the shafts. On the inside, small wire ties serve two (2) purposes. First, they prohibit the shafts from traveling aft, and second, they are anchors for CA glue.

I used CA glue to not only seal the inside shaft entry points, but also to prohibit the shaft tubes from spinning. I may also use a piece of Celtec atop the wire ties if the CA glue proves to be inadequate for the job.
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