Russian Typhoon Submarine

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Part 1 - Gathering the parts

I went (sub-parts) shopping today at Debbie´s RC World and picked up some necessary items for the propulsion system.

Here, you can see the Mabuchi 550 12-volt motors, the Graupner Speed-Profi 50 Reverse BEC Speed Controllers, the Master Airscrew 3.0:1 Ratio Gearboxes, the brass stuffing tubes with Oilite bearings and O-ring seals and the 3/16" diameter propeller shafts.
The Mabuchi motors are inexpensive and should work fine in the submarine. They turn 12,500 RPM at maximum power, and coupled with the 3.0:1 gearboxes should provide more than enough torque to move my boat through the water.

I plan to experiment with the dogbone shaft connectors, but may have to upgrade to a universal joint in the future. Time will tell.
My 2" Raboesch Brass 6-Blade Propellers (B-Type) arrived in the mail yesterday and they look great. I had thought about making my own and even purchasing them locally, but the low cost of these babies (from Scale Model Warships couldn´t be passed up.

They are solid brass, 2" in diameter and have 3/16" threads to fit my shafts perfectly. They were also in perfect shape requiring no filing of burs.

Next Step - Part 1b - Getting things organized.
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