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Part 4 - CO2 bottle and associated hardware

You can see I've purchased a 9 ounce CO2 bottle manufactured by Brass Eagle. It was purchased at Wal-Mart because the price was less expensive than one from a local Paintball store. I will, however get it filled at the Paintball store.

I plan to use the CO2 bottle to store pressurized gas. The gas will be used to operate my Clippard valves which will in turn operate my ballast tanks, bow plane doors, torpedo doors/launchers and missile hatches/launchers.
I went to the local Paintball store to have an on/off valve installed, and to have the bottle charged with CO2.

You can see my trip was successful because there is an on/off valve installed on the bottle just before the regulator/gauges. You can also see where the decal (on my brand new bottle) is all screwed up! Apparently, the bottle was placed in a vice and twisted in the jaws as they removed my original valve. Incompetence is everywhere, it´s everywhere ... look-out, it's gonna get you!

Oh well, I´ll just have to remove the remaining part of the decal and re-paint the bottle. Maybe I´ll even paint a Russian Nuclear warning label on it!
Here is a closer view of the regulator and gauges. A friend of mine, who is a college professor during the day and a tavern owner at other times (Ray), was kind enough to give me one of these. It is perfect for my needs. One gauge (3000 PSI max) displays the pressure inside the bottle and the other gauge (60 PSI max) displays the pressure leaving the adjustable regulator. It also has an on/off valve leaving the regulator.
The CO2 bottle will have a home in the bow section of the submarine below the waterline. Here, I have manufactured the mounting plates to hold it in place. After cutting them from Celtec, I used epoxy to attach them to the inside hull.

The piston to operate the bow plane mechanism will be mounted above the CO2 bottle.
The bow planes retract mechanism has been completed, and the controlling Clippard piston has been installed just above the CO2 bottle.

Why mount the CO2 bottle in the bow? Everybody knows that the bottle will gradually get lighter as CO2 is used. Exactly!

When I´m running out of CO2 and the bow gets lighter, the submarine will be hard to control using the Automatic Depth Controller (ADC-1). The submarine will want to surface on its own ... and there´s a problem with that?

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