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Part 3 - The beginnings of the watertight container

Here is the beginning of the watertight container (WTC) for my pneumatics unit. The box was constructed from Celtec and then glued and screwed. But first, I made sure the bottom would fit inside the submarine.

Here, you can see the placement of the forward ballast tank, the bottom of the pneumatics unit WTC, the aft ballast tank (before cutting to length) and the propulsion unit WTC. Plans are to seal the seams of the WTC´s with something else as well; either epoxy or liquid something-or-other (not sure about that one.)
The side pieces for the WTC were cut from Celtec, and then the holes were marked with a pencil.
To the drill press next to ensure the holes were perpendicular.
And ... then the box was temporarily put together with screws. After making sure everything fit properly, the box was dismantled and then glued and screwed back together.
Next, I placed the box back into the submarine to ensure proper fit. Here is a view looking aft.
Here is a view looking toward the bow.

The piston, temporarily sitting atop the forward ballast tank, will operate the bow plane retract mechanism. It will eventually have it´s own mounting plate lower in the submarine and forward of the tank.

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