Russian Typhoon Submarine

Hull Construction Details

Hull Construction Details

These pages detail steps taken to "scratch build" my submarine hull.

Part 1 Initial fabrication of my "scratch built" submarine hull was accomplished using materials common to most local hardware stores (I used Home Depot for most of the materials).
Part 2 Duck taping the foam hull plug in preparation for fiber glassing.
Part 3 Priming the fiberglassed hull and marking the lines/holes.

Part 4 Scribing, drilling and filing the hull markings.
Part 4b Priming the hull and manufacturing the Safety Rails.
Part 4c Reactor Intakes, Limber Holes, Keel.
Part 4d Painting the hull.
Part 4e Painting the hull (continued).
Part 4f Painting the hull (continued).

Part 5 Cutting the hull in half and removing the foam and duct tape in preparation for hardware installation.
Part 6 Manufacturing and installing inside hull hardware


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