Thank you for visiting my web site that narrates how I scratch built my very first, radio-controlled submarine.The site has been a work in progress from the first day I purchased supplies to begin construction, and itís been an ongoing effort since December 11th, 2002.My goals for creating the web site were to attract interest in the hobby, to present information that may be helpful to others, to be as thorough as possible and to describe both positive and negative steps taken during the construction process.


Although the web site is not a chronological, step-by-step guide for building a submarine, I think youíll find it easy to navigate.Itís organized into sections for convenience because there are over 100 HTML pages and over 400 photographs of my construction process and of real Typhoon submarines.Putting everything on one or two pages wouldíve been impossible to view, let alone load into your computer.


My submarine is the Russian built Typhoon Arkhangelsk (TK-17), but the methods Iíve used can be applied to any RC model submarine.I chose the Typhoon because it was, and still is, the largest submarine in the world.And Ö I wanted to have a boat that was different from other submariners at the local lake.


My first sea trials were on June 7th, 2003 in my backyard swimming pool.That makes the construction process just 4 days shy of six (6) months!Not bad for a beginner.I still have things to construct and others to repair, but for the most part, the submarine construction process is complete.I think RC people are always adding things to and repairing problems in their creations.


Well anyway, enjoy your visit Ö browse at your leisure Ö sign my guest book Ö and send me an email if you need help.I will be happy to share what Iíve learned.


John T. VanderHeiden