Russian Typhoon Submarine

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Have you ever thought about building your own radio-controlled submarine? ... the largest submarine in the world? ... a submarine with working missiles and torpedoes? ... a submarine that will give you many years of personal satisfaction and enjoyment?

A Russian Typhoon Submarine?

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If so, my web site may help you do just that!

Today, there are several vendors providing kits for building Russian Typhoon submarines in various scales. There are also several people scratch building their own. I opted to scratch build my own, but regardless of what you decide to do (there is no best answer) accurate measurements are in the eyes of the beholder.

Let me say, many hours were dedicated researching this project, and to my amazement, I didn´t find two submarine models alike! I did however, find several submarine models that were supposedly constructed in the same scale but the measurements, hull shapes and details were totally different. I concluded that the experts must have agreed to disagree!

My philosophy is ... if you can build a submarine that you are proud of ... that works ... and is as close as possible to the real thing in scale, then you have accomplished something that will give you many years of enjoyment both for yourself and for others who see you having fun!

I need a break from submarine building once in a while!  Here, my wife and I are at Yellowstone National Park while on our four (4) month Adventure Across America.  Click the above photo to visit that web site.

I need a break from submarine building once in a while! Here, my wife and I are at Yellowstone National Park while on our four (4) month Adventure Across America. Click this photo to visit that web site.

Construction began in December, 2002 with an operational target of April, 2003, May, 2003 (whoops ... June, 2003). This web site will be periodically updated until my submarine is in the water and I´m sitting in my lawn chair with controls at hand.

Feel free to browse at your leisure and absorb just one way of constructing a radio-controlled submarine. I don´t claim to be an expert in the hobby; quite the opposite! I´ve received advise from family, friends, Elite Fleet of Virginia Beach members, SubCommittee members and even others from the Internet.

I´ve tried to organize the web site in sections rather than a step-by-step how-to guide. Its impossible to narrate step 1 through step 6,349 until they´re all complete. Well ... maybe that´s an exaggeration, but its close! Anyway, you should still be able to gather valuable information for constructing your own submarine.

In addition to my sections, I´ve also included vendor links, Typhoon related links, over 60 pictures of real Typhoon submarines and over 400 pictures (when complete) of my construction process.

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