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Installing the Ballast Tanks and Associated Hardware (continued)

The ballast tanks are complete and have been installed.
Here is a closeup of the aft ballast tank. Notice the plastic strapping material used to hold it down to the lower hull half.

The clips on the battery are not part of the final sub. I´m simply charging my battery for the first sea trial.
Another view of the aft ballast tank. The port side (upper) is the vent valve and tubing, and the starboard side (lower) is the blow tube. The valve for the blow tube is inside the forward WTC.
Here is the forward ballast tank. Notice the missile launching mechanism attached to the aft part of the tank.
The plastic strapping material is also used here to hold the tank down to the lower hull half. The tubing you see attached to both sides of the tank are simply routed elsewhere in the sub. I used wire ties as a routing mechanism to keep the tubing from just laying in the bottom of the hull.
Here is the port side view of the aft ballast tank showing a closer view of the vent valve and tubing.

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