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Points of Interest

Recently I discovered a web site that has Points of Interest (POI) files you can download into your favorite GPS mapping software. I use CoPilot Live for my laptop, and the POI files work really well. Instructions for CoPilot Live and other GPS mapping software are included on the web site www.discoveryowners.com/cginfo.htm. The individual files can be downloaded from http://www.discoveryowners.com/cginfolinks.htm.

All files are zipped text files. You will need an unzip utility to unzip the files you download. Free unzip utilities are available on the internet. Once you have downloaded and unzipped the files, you will import them into your GPS mapping software. The exact procedure depends on which map software you are using.

NOTE - in each case, it is assumed that you have downloaded AND unzipped the files, and that you have your GPS mapping program running. After you have unzipped the files, you will have files with the extension TXT. These are the files you will import into your program.