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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Motor home (trip 2)

Tuesday - March 25, 2008

Sissy getting ready for her morning walk

Tuesday morning, John was up later than usual; 0710. He is usually up before 0500 making coffee, having his first cigarette and checking out the neighborhood, but this morning he slept in. He still had time though because Sissy and Jessie were still sound asleep. Yesterday must have been a long and tiring day.

Sissy got up, had her first cup of coffee and then got dressed for her morning walk. Back home, she usually walks with our neighbor, Erwin but here she was alone. She walked the campground for about a mile, then went onto the beach for another 1/4 mile. On the way back to the coach, she saw her first horseshoe crab washed up on the shore.

Breakfast was a meal fit for kings and queens; eggs, bacon and pancakes. Sissy cooked it all both inside the coach and outside in the cold. The high temperature was only supposed to be 59°, and it hadn't reached it yet.

Sissy cooking bacon on the electric griddle

After breakfast, it was shower time and getting dressed. Long pants and shirts plus jackets were in order. The surprise came when Sissy discovered she had forgotten to pack something for the trip; her underwear! John didn't laugh too much ... ha ha, but he knew a shopping spree was also on the agenda for today since Sissy refused his offer to loan her a couple of his.

Jessie had our entire day planned out, or so she thought. She wanted to go to the museum (actually, Ripley's), to an arcade and then to the Margaritaville at Broadway. She told John where to drive and to listen to her directions. She knew Ripley's was in a red building on a corner. She told John to turn left and he did, but Ripley's was nowhere to be found. We found an arcade however, and John parked the Jeep and we all went for about an hour. This was after John put money in the parking meter and had to call the city because the meter wasn't registering the correct time. John wanted to make sure his Jeep didn't get a ticket or get towed away. Jessie then began whining about not being able to do what "she" wanted to do, so John decided we weren't going to do anything else she wanted.

Next on the list was shopping for Sissy's undies. We stopped at a local K-mart and Jessie went with Sissy inside. Jessie had some money that was burning a hole in her pocket, so she bought a doll with a dog that really peed. She also picked up a grape drink for Sissy, shook it up really, really good and when Sissy opened it up the drink sprayed everywhere.

The Original Benjamin's Calabash restaurant

An early dinner was next, so we went to The Original Benjamin's Calabash restaurant for the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. We'd never seen Jessie eat so many crab legs before. Other than dessert, crab legs were all she had. Then it was to the coach for some R&R since we were all too full to get anything else done. Besides, Wednesday was a busy day and we needed to rest.

Jessy trying to belly dance

But ... that was until John began watching a television show about female belly dancers. Jessie was also interested in the show and decided to change into her Jeanie halloween costume and try to belly dance. She actually did it pretty good.





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