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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Motor home (trip 2)

John, Sissy and Jessie decided to take a mini vacation for the
School Spring Break Holiday
March 24-27, 2008

John woke Sissy up at 0510 so she could take her shower. He'd already been up making coffee and checking his email. Jessie woke up (without incident) at 0530 and helped Sissy make the bed and finish loading the coach with last minute items. While they did that, John took his shower. Then ... it was on the road out of Virginia Beach.

Jessie was asleep again by the time we got to I64, and she slept until we reached Emporia, Virginia. She even slept through our stop in stinky, Franklin, Virginia so John could use the bathroom. Usually, we look forward to the stink (from the paper mill) to reinforce the idea of us really being on a trip.

We also stopped in Emporia to eat breakfast and so Jessie could change out of her pajamas and get dressed. She had allot to pick from because her mother (Liz) packed enough clothes for a month even though we were only going to be out of town for four days.

Jessie the navigator

Emporia is the jumping off point for I95 and then through North Carolina. On the way, Jessie read Sissy a book; 101 Dalmatians, and she did great! Jessie decided to sit up front with John and read the map book. She got the magnifying glass out because of the small print and began reading city names. She was now the official navigator. Sissy's job was now reduced to runner! "Hey Sissy, will you get this? Sissy, will you get that?"

We stopped for lunch sometime between 1200-1300. Sissy had left over chicken salad, and we had ham sandwiches. After lunch, Sissy and Jessie went for a 3/10 mile walk. It was a far cry from Sissy's usual 3-5 mile walk after lunch, but oh well, there was always time to do walks at the campground in Myrtle Beach.

Back in Virginia Beach, fuel was $3.96 per gallon so John decided to stop somewhere along the way where it would sure to be cheaper. Well, it was but not by much. We stopped at a local BP station in Kenley, North Carolina where it was $3.89 per gallon.

Our campsite (P21) at Apache Family Campground

The remainder of our southbound trip went very well and the roads were great after exiting I95. Traffic was light, and there were no traffic lights. As we approached the entrance to Apache Family Campground, John saw a sign indicating RV's should come through the other entrance, but it was too late. We went in and pulled to the office with plenty of space. John had already made reservations so checking in was a breeze. We then unhooked our toad and drove to the campsite that was about 1 1/2 blocks from the ocean and right near the fishing pier.

Jessie posing on the Apache Fishing Pier

After setting up camp, Sissy and Jessie went for a walk on the pier to take some pictures. They also saw a man catching a fish. But ... the arcade was calling Jessie so off they went to play a few games before heading back to the coach.

John wanted to take a ride in the Jeep through the campground, so off we went. Round and round we drove; looking at campers, coaches, people and nice looking girls. Jessie was so mad because John kept saying how nice looking they were ... ha ha. We did however, find a playground so Jessie and Sissy could enjoy themselves. Sissy on the playground teeter totter That was until Sissy tried to ride the teeter-totter and fell on her bum-bum real hard. John had the camera, but was unable to catch the moment. Sissy immediately got up and pretended nothing had happened. But ... John and Jessie had both seen the action.

Back to the coach we went for dinner (lasagna) and then to the Arcade. John was going to play in a Texas Holdem' tournament aboard the gambling boat (Sun Cruz Casino) on Tuesday, but the buy-in was too expensive. The other holdem' games on board are the kind that John doesn't like playing, so he didn't make reservations. We would just have to find something else to do for tomorrow. And, because the temperature was dropping quickly, it was time to retire in the coach for the evening. But first, we had to watch a movie before going to sleep.

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