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Mocksville, North Carolina - Day 3

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Lake Myers RV Resort - Gem Mining

Wednesday began with a morning breakfast of scrambled eggs. Jessie loves hers with catsup, Grandma with plenty of salt and pepper (remember she forgot the salt and pepper shakers?) but she took some from the restaurant yesterday, and Poppa simply likes his on the plate. Well anyway ... breakfast was good as usual when Grandma cooks it.

RVJunkie camping and gem mining in Lake Myers, North Carolina

The morning consisted of traveling into Statesville to find a free Wifi location so Poppa could check his email messages. But first, it was off to the Walmart store to buy Jessie a toy and Grandma a fishing pole (remember she forgot to pack the fishing poles and tackle)? After shopping, we found a local McDonalds hamburger store. We had heard they all have free Wifi, and it is really true. Poppa was able to check his email messages without any problems.

Mocksville Historic District was next on the list. It is a quaint little city (using the term loosely) and very pretty. The downtown has both old and new buildings, and most of the main street looks original. It was early in the morning and most of the stores were closed. We couldn't figure it out though, because it was 0930. We guessed the city didn't really wake up until 1000.

RVJunkie camping and gem mining in Lake Myers, North Carolina

On Monday when we came into this area, we saw the RVSuperstore on I40 at the exit before the one we took. So, that was next on the agenda ... looking at brand new coaches. We spotted one we liked (Beaver Contessa 42') and Bobby Gibson, the sales consultant, was nice enough to show us two of them. We looked at both the Westport and Rome models; leaning toward the Rome because of the floor plan with a computer desk. They were both very functional; having lots of storage a more counter space than we're used to. Maybe someday!

After returning to our campsite, Jessie and Grandma wanted to go fishing, swimming, play put-put golf and play in the campground park. Poppa simply wanted to take a nap. So ... after setting up the fishing pole, Poppa drove them to the lake. They had a few bites, but didn't catch any fish. Jessie went swimming in the pool for a while before playing put-put and visiting the playground. And ... since the walkie-talkies didn't work, they had to walk all the way back to the campsite. Poppa had woken up from his nap and was getting ready to take the Jeep down to pick them up, but he saw them walking up the driveway instead.

RVJunkie camping and gem mining in Lake Myers, North Carolina

Lasagna and garlic toast were for dinner after the movie and they were great. Then ... Poppa hooked the Jeep up to the coach and put the awnings in because we were headed out in the morning to get closer to home. He likes doing those kinds of things the night before, especially when there's morning dew all over everything. We'd done what we had planned in and near Mocksville, and it was time to go somewhere else. Then, it was time for a campfire and roasting marshmallows again. Poppa started it in no time, and soon they were roasting away.

RVJunkie camping and gem mining in Lake Myers, North Carolina

Showers and a little relaxation were in order before bed time. Grandma sat outside near the campfire, Poppa updated the web site and Jessie did what she does most of the time ... everything she can get her hands on.

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