Los Angeles Fireboat 2

Part 5 - Exhaust Pipes

The exhaust pipes were manufactured from plastic tubing, sheet and fittings by Plastruct (see their web site link on my Links page).

My first attempt at making these pipes was unsuccessful ... probably because I tried to make them from styrene tubing. Styrene was simply not suitable for the job. Instead, the plastic from Plastruct is ABS plastic ... much easier and forgiving to work with.

The outer pipes are one size larger than the inner pipe. They were all cut to size (angles included) and then glued together.
A small amount of sanding was done prior to priming and painting. As you can see ... I temporarily glued both sets of pipes to a piece of Celtec so I could paint them together.

I used chrome spray paint for the final coat.
Here is a better view of the pipes and the temporary support piece of Celtec.

The pipes will not be installed until after the Bridge Deck and Wheelhouse have been painted white.

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