Los Angeles Fireboat 2

Part 4 - Vents, Hatches, Wiper Housings

With the bulkheads all cut and glued into place, it was time to fine tune the Wheelhouse. First, I cut an access hole in the Bridge Deck and glued the Wheelhouse to it. Next, I used Bondo® to fill any seams/cracks before sanding them smooth. Then, I added a thin sheet of styrene plastic to the uppermost deck to cover the holes and saw marks left by the temporary supports. Finally, the first coat of primer (white this time) was applied.
The exhaust pipe enclosures were next on both the port/starboard. These were manufacture from Celtec and glued into place.
I used my Dremel® tool with a sanding drum to cut out the stern bulkhead access for the Engine Room Air Intakes.
The access area was boxed in using Celtec, while the Air Intakes were created from ABS Plastic material. Plastruct (see web site link on my LINKS page) has vinyl siding sheets that work perfectly for vent material.
I used the same vinyl siding sheet material for the vents on the exhaust pipe enclosures.

In this photo, you can also see the starboard side, watertight door (hatch).
And ... a view of the port side.

Part 5 - Exhaust Pipes

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