Los Angeles Fireboat 2

Part 3 - Lexan® Windows

The Wheelhouse bulkheads have been cut and glued into position, and the window openings have been cut, filed and sanded square. It´s now time to manufacture the windows themselves.
I decided to use clear, Lexan® material for the windows for a couple of reasons:
  • there are many windows
  • Lexan® is easy to work with
UPDATE: I changed my mind and decided to us tinted
Lexan® material instead. The above reasons for using Lexan® are still valid, but the tinted material looks better and is more realistic.

I used clear, Lexan® sheet material 1/8" thick that I purchased from the local Home Depot store. It came with a protective film on both sides and was easily cut with my power miter saw.

I rough cut each window with the saw and then covered one side with masking tape. The masking tape allowed me to pencil the actual window size for finishing. Finishing was accomplished using a power disc sander.

UPDATE: The Lexan® sheet material I'm using now is 1/4" thick that was given to me by a neighbor friend (Richard). It not only looks better and is more realistic, but also provides for more area on the inside for securing the windows. I plan to us silicone to hold the windows in their framing.

They are hard to see in these four (4) photos, but the windows have all been cut to shape and popped into the openings. They will be removed later when its time to prime/paint the structure, and then permanently glued into position.
I used my Dremel® tool to cut the openings in the Wheelhouse ceiling both forward and aft.
These openings allow sunlight to shine through the upper, tinted windows above the Wheelhouse.

Part 4 - Vents, Hatches, Wiper Housings

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