Los Angeles Fireboat 2

Part 2 - Bulkheads (continued)

In order to line up the top bulkheads, I had to manufacture a temporary support. Here, you can see the beginnings of the wheelhouse top with the bulkheads simply taped to the structure.
The bulkheads are not glued to the temporary structure or the deck, but rather to themselves. This will enable me to remove them so I can install the windows and paint the inside.
I ran out of blue Celtec®, so the remaining wheelhouse bulkheads will be made from white material. This doesn´t really matter because the entire boat will be primed before painting anyway.
Ok, the construction supports are finally removed, and I´m able to lift the wheelhouse structure off the bridge deck. As you remember, the bulkheads were only glued to themselves and the upper decks.

The wheelhouse will eventually be secured to the bridge deck, but first I want access to install windows, interior furniture, wiring and mechanics.
Here, you can see that the upper level construction supports have also been removed. Since the upper level bulkheads are only glued to themselves, they are now loose but will soon be permanently secured.

Part 3 - Lexan® Windows

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